Mission Statement

[ polisphere is an advisory network, ideas laboratory and navigator for modern politics ]

Ideas laboratory

As a driving force and advisory network, we deal with the central transformations of modern politics. polisphere is a seismograph for political trends and prepares current developments in the political sphere, identifies their potential and implements them in the form of projects. Together with our partners, we provide answers to the central challenges of today’s political practice – digitization, fragmented and diversifying societies, reactionary tendencies, increased demands for participation and decreased trust in conventional institutions of political practice. Modern political communication, efficient and agile governance as well as transparent and empowering political education are our guiding principles.


In order to structure the political operation and to prepare its diverse facets in a user-friendly manner, operates polisphere Various platforms – from newsletters and job exchanges to event calendars and stakeholder directories to publication registers and much more. Our offers provide quick answers to all questions relating to politics: Where can the next job be found? What’s behind the new initiative? Which event should I attend, which paper should I read? The aim of our services is to make politics more understandable and transparent by creating more direct access – especially for young political enthusiasts – and by explaining political practice and discourse.

passion for politics

With our non-partisan, 20-year-old network in political Berlin and beyond, a young, interdisciplinary team and a passion for politics in all its facets, we dovetail the empirical substance of data-supported political services with the methodical competence of a think tank.