Team_Benjamin Triebe

Benjamin Triebe

[ Researcher ]

Benjamin Triebe studied political science and sociology in Jena and Limerick/Ireland. From 2013 to 2017, he worked as an editor at the political debate magazine Berliner Republik and from 2018 to 2020, he worked on a nationwide publication project on vocational education and training at the Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft.

Since March 2021, he has been supporting polisphere as a researcher in research and consulting projects on sustainable parliamentarism and innovations in politics.

Team_Corrado Rizza

Corrado Rizza

[ Project Assistant ]

Corrado Rizza studied International Relations, Development and Cooperation at the University of Turin in Italy. After studying Erasmus at the University of Passau, he decided to continue his studies in Germany. A little over a year ago, he moved to the capital and is studying for a Master’s degree in Political Economy of European Integration at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

Following his internship, he has been supporting polisphere as a project assistant since April 2021.

Team_Charlotte Paul

Charlotte Paul

[ Intern ]

Charlotte Paul is studying Political Science and Economics at the University of Heidelberg. Her semester abroad at Sciences Po Paris sparked her interest in political conflict research and geopolitical issues. In her free time, she is involved in the student-run university initiative Forum for International Security, which deals with foreign and security policy issues.

Since September 2021, she is supporting polisphere as an intern.

Team_Eva Nappert

Eva Nappert

[ Project Assistant ]

Eva Nappert studies International Relations and Management at the OTH Regensburg.

After a first internship in the NGO sector in Colombia and with experience in the field of foreign and security policy through project cooperation at Bundeswehr and NATO level, she now wants to experience Berlin’s political scene and the think tank world.

From April 2021, she supported polisphere as a policy intern and has strengthened the team as a project assistant since September 2021.

Team_Gregor Bauer

Gregor Bauer

[ Researcher ]

Gregor Bauer studied History at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg and the University of Birmingham as well as German, English and Spanish Literature at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin and the University of Oxford respectively. He held teaching assistantships in literary and dramatic theory at the Free University and the Humboldt University in Berlin.

Journalistically, he worked as co-founder and editor-in-chief of the student newspaper freistuz from 2013 to 2016, and as editor-in-chief of the Central Asia magazine Novastan in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, in 2016, as well as freelancing with a focus on crisis and war zone reporting.

He supported polisphere as a policy intern from January 2021 and joined the team as a researcher in March 2021.

Team_Hannah Schimmele

Hannah Schimmele

[ Project Assistant ]

Hannah Schimmele is studying International Relations and Management at the OTH Regensburg and has just finished her semester abroad at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid. After various insights into security policy work through cooperation with the German Armed Forces as well as at NATO level, she now wants to experience general political events directly in the capital.

She has supported polisphere as a project assistant since August 2020.

Team_Laura Kruse

Laura Kruse

[ Online editor ]

Laura Kruse studied English philology in Berlin and Seoul, specialising in cultural studies and postcolonialism. During her studies, she worked as a journalist for an English-language online magazine. After initial internships in state politics, she first worked as a student assistant and later as a press assistant at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Since December 2020, she has been supporting the further development of online communication at polisphere as an online editor.

Team_Lea Paleit

Lea Paleit

[ Intern ]

Lea Paleit is studying for a Master’s degree in Political and Administrative Sciences at the University of Konstanz. In her Bachelor’s degree, she spent an internship semester at the Federal Ministry for the Environment in Bonn in addition to her Erasmus stay at the University of Bath.

Since August 2021, she has been supporting polisphere as an intern, learning about the work of a political think tank in the capital.

Team_Lisa Schmidt

Lisa Schmidt

[ Head of Office ]

Lisa Schmidt completed her training as an office management assistant in Frankfurt a. M., specialising in assistance, event and personnel management. After starting as an intern in a digital agency and various positions as an executive assistant and HR manager, she has been working as a freelancer in the areas of assistance, accounting and HR management since 2019.

Since February 2021, she has been supporting polisphere as office manager in these very areas.

Team_Marisa Wenzlawski

Marisa Wenzlawski

[ Intern ]

Marisa Wenzlawski studies political science and sociology at the Ruprecht Karls University in Heidelberg with a focus on feminist theory and international relations. Apart from her studies, she is active in party politics and is involved in a global movement against sexual harassment in public spaces.

Since October, she is supporting polisphere as an intern.

Team_Mareile Ihde

Mareile Ihde

[ Head of Digital Communication ]

Mareile Ihde worked for several years as a freelance presenter, communicator and journalist for the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ), 11 Freunde and Antenne Niedersachsen, among others. She then worked as a communications officer for the Lower Saxony FDP parliamentary group.

Since October, she has been supporting polisphere as Head of Digital Communication.

Team_Philipp Sälhoff

Philipp Sälhoff

[ Managing Director ]

Philipp Sälhoffstudied Applied Cultural Studies with a focus on political communication at Leuphana University Lüneburg. From 2012 to 2014, he worked as a consultant for digital communication and participation processes at the strategy and policy consultancy IFOK. He then helped build the team, project operations and, in particular, the international network of the social liberal think tank Das Progressive Zentrum until 2018.

Since summer 2018, he has been reorganising and strategising the 20-year-old polisphere network as Managing Director.

Team_Rebecca Scholz

Rebecca Scholz

[ Project Assistant ]

Rebecca Scholz is studying political and administrative sciences at the University of Konstanz and is about to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. She is particularly interested in transatlantic relations, intercultural exchange and US politics. After internships at the Friedrich Ebert Foundationand the Goethe Institute in the USA, she now wants to get to know political Berlin better.

She supported polisphere as an intern from July 2021 and has strengthened the team as a project assistant since October 2021.

Team_Sarah Brunner

Sarah Brunner

[ Head of politjobs ]

Sarah Brunner studied Applied Economics and Political Science in Innsbruck.
For her final thesis, she conducted a research project in Colombia with the support of Climate Alliance Vorarlberg. She worked in online marketing for GoodJobs from 2018 to 2020.

Since December 2020, she has been in charge of the political labour market at polisphere and in particular the portals politjobs, politcal and politdir.

Team_Sheyda Sarikas

Sheyda Sarikas

[ Project Assistant ]

Sheyda Sarikas studied International Relations and is now pursuing her Master’s degree in International Development at the University of Vienna. Her focus is on postcolonialism, alternative approaches to development and protest movements.

After gaining initial experience in the political labour market, she now supports polisphere as a project and communications assistant for politjobs.

Team_Tobias Schmid

Tobias Schmid

[ Project Assistant ]

Tobias Schmid is studying for a Master’s degree in art and visual history at Humboldt University in Berlin and is currently writing a Master’s thesis in political economy. His interest in politics was awakened above all by his bachelor’s degree in philosophy. After internships in event management and at the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz, he is now immersing himself in political Berlin.

He has been supporting polisphere as a project assistant since September 2020.

Team_Ulrich Berger

Ulrich Berger

[ Head of Civil Society Cooperation ]

Ulrich Berger studied political science, Islamic studies and medieval studies in Hamburg, Cairo and Tübingen. In 2011, he founded the LIQA dialogue project, which today, as dis:orient, deals with issues around West Asia, North Africa and the region’s relations in global contexts from a progressive perspective.

From 2016 to 2018, he was the managing director of Kleiner Fünf, an initiative that gives citizens the opportunity to take a stand for democracy and against right-wing populism. Afterwards, he pursued the question of how democracy in Germany and Europe can be strengthened through digital dialogue at Diskutier Mit Mir, most recently as programme director until the end of 2020.

At polisphere, he has been working as Head of civil society cooperation since December 2020 and will primarily implement projects at the intersection of empowerment, digitalisation and networking.

Team_Vanessa Bertold

Vanessa Berthold

[ Junior Researcher ]

Vanessa Berthold studied International Relations at Karlshochschule International University. Her focus is on intersectionality, human rights and international cooperation.

After her internship at polisphere in 2019, she returned in April 2020 to support polisphere in various projects focusing on civil society and communication.

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