Job Alert – EU Summer Blockages: Trump, Brexit, Migration Haggles

Some guests are plainly annoying, many Brussels residents must have been thinking last week. US President Donald Trump’s visit to NATO not only brought the immense noise from an army of helicopters to the town – but authorities had forgotten to inform about the dinner in the middle of the city, leading to blocked roads and houses, as well as surprised residents. Far less surprisingly, no substantial changes in the relationship between the US and other NATO partners were achieved (and certainly not expected).

Blocked remain also the Brexit negotiations: as expected on the EU side, Theresa May’s whitepaper did not bring any substantial new elements, rather on the contrary: the UK government seems to discover the benefits of EU membership and would like to keep them – without membership. Finally, the occasion for foreign minister Boris Johnson to resign, as well as Brexit minister David Davis – one by one, all those responsible for getting Britain into the current situation jumped ship, just ahead of the storm to come.

Stormy weather is exactly what migrants on the many boats and camps around the Mediterranean Sea do not need on top of all their hardship, and EU member states demonstrate helplessness: no rescue is not an option, but the consequences of rescues are still left with the border states and endless haggles between EU countries. The entire world felt with the Thai youth football team trapped in and finally rescued from a flooded cave, whilst the next wave of 450 migrants does not trigger high emotions anymore; unless useful for elections in German Bavaria and elsewhere.

At least one EU member state has a reason to cheer: France has won the World Championship for the second time – and as football always seems to affect politics, Emmanuel Macron will hope for it to support him in his reform efforts.

The summer break is still not really starting – most importantly, Competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager just announced a record fine of 4.3 billion Euro for Google over its Android system. So if you want to join in and contribute to developments like this one – on whichever side –, find attached some jobs and as usual more on!

Irina Michalowitz

Featured Job: GIZ seeks Head of Secretariat for Africa EU Energy Partnership
Bonn | Apply by: 19 August 2018 | Start: instantly | Full Time

The Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) is a long-term framework for structured political dialogue and co-operation between Africa and the EU on energy issues of strategic importance, reflecting African and European needs. Through the Partnership, Africa and Europe work together to develop a shared vision and common policy answers, and to stimulate specific actions that address the energy challenges of the 21st century. Reporting to the Steering Group of the AEEP, the Head of Secretariat has the strategic responsibility to oversee the implementation of the work of the Partnership as decided upon by EU and African leaders. -> See full job offer

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