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The Brussels summer is arriving with both a meteorological and political heat wave: slowly but surely we are heading into a harsh trade war with the US, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in the middle of a showdown with her interior minister Horst Seehofer over European migration policies and was only almost saved by the latest EU summit, Poland is taken to the European Court of Justice over its legal reform, and Italy, that has managed under great pains to finally form a new government of the far right and far left parties Lega and Five Star movement, will get a note in history because the new prime minister held his very first EU summit hostage over an agreement on the migration question – more than unusual behaviour, to put it diplomatically.

The political landscape appears so dire to some of the Football nations that even their national sport is affected: after the Netherlands and Italy failed to qualify for the 2018 world cup, champion Germany was already kicked out in the group stage, and Spain went k.o. against Russia. As for the Germans: some higher power apparently aimed at sparing Brussels from the collective mourning – the popular German bar Maxburg, the place to meet for football, burned down a few days before the game.

The one issue that is neither moving nor melting nor burning in the Brussels heat is Brexit. Whilst the media are eagerly waiting for Theresa May’s promised white paper with a detailed plan and third option for the UK, to be presented at the end of this week, Brussels diplomats are carefully expecting the breakthrough rather after the summer break – if at all… British expats in Brussels apparently had enough, and some of them too much heat, trying to dance Brexit away with a flashmob (as funny as it sounds, there was a serious note to it: the hope to trigger another popular vote in the UK).

More music and possibly some dancing is coming from the incoming Austrian presidency: Austrian federal states chose traditional and less traditional Austrian music to be played in the Brussels metro stations on Monday, 2 July, and concerts took place at all EU institutions. The Austrians face big expectations: Brexit, the Multiannual Financial Framework, and migration are the biggest issues on their plate, and their task will be to clear the table to the extent possible – European Parliament elections and the end of the current European Commission’s legislative period are looming.

One thing they will not need to deal with anymore is the GDPR. It came into effect with many emails and uncertainties on 25 May. Which brings us to a matter on our own behalf: Of course, we have also addressed this issue, because the protection of your data, as well as your control over it, is still central to us. So please take a look at our updated privacy policy. If you have any questions or do not wish to receive any further e-mails from us, please write to us at or unsubscribe here.

We would, of course, prefer it if you wanted to continue to be informed about current topics in the broad field of political communication. Also today we have compiled a lot of exciting news, jobs and dates for you. The decision is yours! 

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Irina Michalowitz

Featured Job: Verband öffentlicher Versicherer sucht Büroleiter (m/w) für die politische Interessenvertretung in Brüssel
Brüssel | Bewerbungfrist: laufend | Arbeitsbeginn: ab sofort | Vollzeit

Der Verband öffentlicher Versicherer ist ein moderner Partner für Versicherungsunternehmen im Verbund der Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. Die Abteilung „Politische Interessenvertretung“ mit Sitz in Berlin und Brüssel beobachtet, bewertet und informiert die Verbandsmitglieder über regulatorische Vorhaben und Entwicklungen mit Relevanz für die öffentlichen Versicherer, erarbeitet in Zusammenarbeit mit den Fachabteilungen des Verbands und den Mitgliedsunternehmen die fachlichen Positionen sowie Lobbying-Strategien und vertritt die Interessen der Mitglieder gegenüber der deutschen und europäischen Politik. -> Zur vollständigen Ausschreibung

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