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The EU needs more money. Whilst this is no news as such, the EU this time really needs more money – with one significant member state less, the shadow of Brexit is looming over the EU’s next 7 year budget – the Multiannual Financial Framework, which is the biggest dossier that is currently occupying European Commission bureaucrats, journalists and lobbyists.

This week was the big week of announcing the Commission’s proposal – leaving almost everyone slightly unhappy, and some particularly unhappy. As usual, the path to an agreement is likely to be a long one, because member states will need to agree – despite the Commission’s displayed confidence to pull this one through by 2019: whilst Germany is keeping quiet despite a higher future burden, the Netherlands and Austria are per se in opposition, Poland and Hungary are not at all amused about the idea to link funding to the observance of the rule of law – the agricultural lobby is crying out loud.

This is especially frustrating for the French, and Macron really needs some friends. the French railway operator SNCF is holding the country hostage with strikes over a three-month period (and no end in sight), and the traditional labour day demonstrations in Paris – on the day before the MFF announcement – ended in violence,

That is not really what Karl Marx had in sight, whose 200th birthday is celebrated this year. He is being rediscovered – especially by the small German town Trier, Karl Marx’ birthplace and otherwise known for its Roman heritage. Trier apparently feels not known enough in the world and puts up more than 600 events around the anniversary of Karl Marx. Most spectacularly, the town accepted a huge Karl Marx statue from China – a bit too much Marx for the liking of citizens. Not enough, the European Commission’s very own President Jean-Claude Juncker will reveal the statue – causing outrage and applause.

Despite the controversies, the visit to Trier will be a lot more to Juncker’s liking than the haggling for a new trade deal , especially on steel and metal tariffs, with the United States. The woman of the day is EU Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström, who is left with this task. Retaliation affecting peanut butter of Levi’s Jeans will not do the trick, so negotiations are necessary, no matter how irrational they may get.

If you are able to frame convincing and diplomatic arguments, be they on painful budget cuts, US tariffs or Karl Marx’ contributions to history, find attached some jobs and as usual more on!

Irina Michalowitz –

Int. Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) seeks Innovation Project Manager for EU funded projects

As an Innovation Project Manager focused on European funded initiatives will undertake the following main activities and responsibilities as regards project proposal writing: Provide support to researchers in funding acquisition within EU funded RTD projects; Identify calls for proposals within INL’s strategic RTD areas, within H2020 and other RTD programmes and promote these internally to researchers; Support the building of the optimal consortium of partners; Structure and develop the project proposal; Develop project innovation strategies and work plans for project proposals (…)

Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins seeks Policy Officer

The Policy Officer – Internal Market and Environment will report directly to the Secretary General and will be responsible for: Leading the work of the association in relation to EU wine legal framework, all internal market, technical and environmental issues which may impact the EU wine sector; Establishing and maintaining excellent contacts with EU institutions, other international bodies, NGOs and other associations, to exchange information and to identify common interests and concerns; Building and maintaining close contact with, and communicating all relevant information to CEEV members (…)

GEODE seeks Junior Policy Advisor

You will be part of a dynamic international team in the heart of the EU area and integrated into the daily activities of our representation office. This job offers a great opportunity to step into EU policy and get valuable professional experience in how advocacy is done in the debate with decision-makers and stakeholders. You will be given the opportunity to learn building, expanding and using professional networks, how to best shape EU energy policy, taking advantage of language, soft & personal skills in a multi-cultural work environment (…)

Gesamtverband der deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft sucht Referent(in) Europabüro

Arbeitsplatzbeschreibung: Interessenvertretung des GDV in Brüssel; Schwerpunkt Digitalisierung, Datenschutz, Kfz-Versicherung, Betriebswirtschaft; Betreuung der für die Versicherungswirtschaft relevanten Dossiers auf europäischer Ebene; Informationsbeschaffung, -aufbereitung und -übermittlung; Beratung der zuständigen Mitarbeiter/innen in Berlin; Auf- und Ausbau eines themenspezifischen Kontaktnetzwerks; Austausch und Verhandlung mit Versicherungsverbänden aus anderen EU-Mitgliedstaaten; Erstellung von Positionspapieren und anderen Ausarbeitungen für Adressaten auf europäischer und nationaler Ebene und zur internen Verwendung auf Englisch und Deutsch (…)

Veolia seeks Junior Policy Officer

As Junior Policy Officer, you will be in charge of all different kinds of work relating to the organization and the missions of the representative office including: Regulatory and institutional monitoring; Drafting of briefs; Participation in events and reporting; Mapping of actors and institutional relations; Specific support actions to operational subsidiaries. These missions will cover a number of sectors including project financing, public/private partnerships and environmental issues (…)

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