Job Alert – A Brussels Week of World Politics

World politics ruled the EU agenda these past weeks, with varying success. Let us start with the next EU foreign policy episode: Brussels is as usual attempting to keep the middle ground due to the lack of a single voice – this time concerning Venezuela. Rather than recognizing any of the two leaders in conflict (especially the one with at least a certain democratic backing), it is requesting the restoration of democracy and the rule of law. 

Whilst multinational views on national politics thus remain difficult, the German liberal party went the other way: as the first national party ever, they held their New Year reception in Brussels, strategically close to the nomination of their lead candidates for the upcoming European Parliament elections and clearly signalling their support for the European project.  At least to those who were still there – judging by the numerous LinkedIn posts from Davos, just about everyone in and around politics and business spent their time watching Bill Gates stand in line for a burger at the World Economic Forum last week (whilst the rest of us could either not afford the hefty fees or did not want to be caught in the cheaper public forum spaces). 

Back in Brussels, Davos participants could continue to ride the wave of new climate star Greta Thunberg, a Swedish 16 year old girl who charismatically spoke her mind on climate responsibility first at the UN, now at Davos. 70 000 marched the streets in the pouring Sunday rain for immediate climate action – the fourth march within 2 months in the EU capital, gaining more and more visibility in the run-up to the European parliament elections.

Meanwhile, Britain really wants to get out of any of this EU business but still has no clue how: the British Parliament not only rejected May’s deal with the EU, it now just voted against an extension of the transition period, sending Theresa May back to renegotiate – whoever with, as the EU position has been made more than clear more than once that there is nothing to re-negotiate – and receives much-needed respect and admiration for its tough stance from citizens. History has its more than absurd moments.

In that sense, if you want to be part of the next Brexit, climate, election, foreign policy or other significant moments, find some jobs and as usual more on!

Irina Michalowitz

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31. January 2019